* Franchise With Us

Our franchise model is based on selecting the right partners who can support the business financially, but more importantly who will also embrace our vision and philosophy.

In line with the current economic circumstances, we have invested in designing our stores ideally, creating optimally friendly and “eco” spaces, while maintaining construction costs at a minimum. This combination makes for a profitable yet flexible business model, which has a low investment cost and the potential for full payback of the initial investment in quite a short time.

We have fully developed our franchise proposal in accordance with the requirements of the modern times and we offer significant benefits to our partners, such as:

  • Evaluation and selection of the store location based on market research
  • Business plan
  • Store design and architectural supervision
  • Staff training
  • Area exclusivity
  • Set up management controls and training of the business partner
  • Integrated point of sales and reporting system
  • Continuous support and training of partner and staff at all levels
  • Turn key solution (available upon request)

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